August 2021 Carnival of Aros: Well-being and Amatonormativity

The suggestions this month have been about how amatonormativity has affected your wellbeing. Thank you to gracesofluck for the suggestions. When this topic came up I hadn’t really thought about the term that much, I sort of vaguely knew it was about preference for romance but didn’t know much more than that. So first job, … Continue reading August 2021 Carnival of Aros: Well-being and Amatonormativity

Carnival of Aros July 2021

This month the call for carnival of aros focuses on the subject of education. With prompts around how aromanticism affected your education as well as aromantic education resources. I will be focussing on the first part, how aromanticism affected my education. What was your school experience like as an aro? For me, there were two … Continue reading Carnival of Aros July 2021


Here’s a little project I did for the 5th anniversary of the arocalypse discord server. Papo in 3d.

ACP Entry 2021

Hey up, here’s a bit of art I made for the Aros Create event this year. An etched copper bookmark The design was made by drawing a pattern using black nail polish to create a resist, then I etched the copper with ferric chloride. After about 10 repeats of immersing the copper and wiping off … Continue reading ACP Entry 2021

3d Printed Crossbowmen

Here’s a little bit of my recent painting, a small army of crossbowmen Hers’s a closeup of the paint job, not my finest work but I was trying to work out a way to create a regiment of these quickly. In this case simply painting flat colour details, slapping some strong tone on then doing … Continue reading 3d Printed Crossbowmen


This is my response for the April 2021 Carnival of Aros. The topic given was Self-care, Self-love, and Aromanticism. Thank you to Constance Bougie for hosting the topic and creating a very useful set of prompts. What I think of as self-care and self love The first thing I will have to do is set … Continue reading Self-care


Another play about with miniature painting. This time a 3d printed manticore model from this file. I’m quite happy with some of it, the mane went well (and I just like the idea of an aromanticore) but the wings didn’t come out quite the way I had hoped. I used some liquid frost in the … Continue reading Manticore

Bentwood Rings

Here’s a little art project I have been doing for a while now, making rings from bent strips of wood veneer. The technique is one I find very satisfying. You basically make a thin strip of veneer flexible by putting it in boiling water, then wrap it around something round. Once it dries it will … Continue reading Bentwood Rings


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