This is my response for the April 2021 Carnival of Aros. The topic given was Self-care, Self-love, and Aromanticism. Thank you to Constance Bougie for hosting the topic and creating a very useful set of prompts. What I think of as self-care and self love The first thing I will have to do is set … Continue reading Self-care


Another play about with miniature painting. This time a 3d printed manticore model from this file. I’m quite happy with some of it, the mane went well (and I just like the idea of an aromanticore) but the wings didn’t come out quite the way I had hoped. I used some liquid frost in the … Continue reading Manticore

Bentwood Rings

Here’s a little art project I have been doing for a while now, making rings from bent strips of wood veneer. The technique is one I find very satisfying. You basically make a thin strip of veneer flexible by putting it in boiling water, then wrap it around something round. Once it dries it will … Continue reading Bentwood Rings

ASAW Retrospective

The day before Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week started I made a small post setting out what I planned to do during the week. It wasn’t much but the idea was I wanted to keep track of what I was doing and be able to look back at the end of the week to see how … Continue reading ASAW Retrospective

What’s in a symbol

One of the things I wanted to do this week was finish making a few things that symbolise my identity as an aromantic person. One being the model that I posted on monday, but also a couple of other models I am working on and a ring I am in the middle of making. So … Continue reading What’s in a symbol

Why a Week

One of the things I think is interesting to talk about in relation to Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is asking what makes a week a good time frame for this event. So this is just a little ramble on outreach and the balance that leads to a week being, in my opinion, the best timeframe … Continue reading Why a Week

Aro Bernie

A while back there was this wonderful project to make a 3d printed version of the Bernie in mittens meme. The creator, Chelsey at @Chaos Core Tech made an absolutely beautiful model which as soon as I saw I wanted to have a crack at painting. Also, something that I have been thinking a lot … Continue reading Aro Bernie

Awareness Week

From Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th February it is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. For the first time I will be quietly celebrating as last year I had no idea of the existence of the week and was not aware of my identity. I think it is worth setting out, at least to myself what I … Continue reading Awareness Week

Clarecraft Rocky Hare

In my next little bit of miniature painting, I have painted up another old Clarecraft figure, this time a hare by the name of Rocky from the same Animal Avengers series as Bruce Le Frog. Honestly I prefered this model to Bruce, while the kund fu frog idea was cool I really wasn’t keen on … Continue reading Clarecraft Rocky Hare


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