Carnival of aros March 2022: Roundup

Thank you so much to everyone who posted for this months carnival.

The submissions were, in no particular order:

who writes about the idea that the romantic relationship is stable and about economic and geographical stability

who talks about the instability of romantic relationships and the experience of being aro and ace.

who discusses the idea of romance being stable, as well as stability in friendships.

who discusses the effect of the pandemic on loneliness, attempts to find a relationships and also the effect of writing about these experiences.

Who talks about the plan of houses in the US, the idea of sleeping apart as a problem in romantic relationships and amatonormativity being built into the way these houses are designed.

Who writes about life changes, finding a relationship and the use of labels.

Who discusses the idea of stability implying safety and financial stability

I talk about the way people outside of romantic norms are expected to prove their stability

Thank you to everyone who wrote something for this month. It has been very interesting reading through your submissions.

If you have something but didn’t yet get it finished you can always put a message here and I will add it to the list.

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