December 2022 Carnival of Aros: Getting Old – Call For Submissions

Each month the carnival of aros prompts people to write about a particular topic and its relation to aromanticism. At the end of each month the person making these prompts makes a roundup of what people have written.

Last month the theme was sentimentality, hosted by Sildarmillion.

This month I wanted to get people to talk a bit about aging and growing old as an aro. A few prompts to get you started:

  • did finding out about aromanticism change how you expected to live as you get older
  • does your aromanticism change anything practically for you in old age (e.g. living situation, how you deal with your mental/physical health, your will, etc)
  • if you are older, do you have any advice for younger aros or things you wish you were told earlier
  • if you are younger, what would you like older aros to know
  • If you have known you are aro for a long time, how has the community changed since then
  • do you have long term hopes for aromanticism as an idea, a community, etc.
  • has your aro identity changed over the years, if so how

Entries to this carnival are due by 31st December. If you have something to submit after this just let me know and I will add it to the roundup when you get it to me.

To submit your entry leave a comment here, or email me at or comment/message me over on Arocalypse.

If you don’t have a blog and want to submit an entry for me to post here please email me and let me know either a name to use or tell me if you would prefer to post anonymously. I will then put your post here as a guest post. Or perhaps you could use a long comment/personal post on, for example, reddit or arocalypse.


12 thoughts on “December 2022 Carnival of Aros: Getting Old – Call For Submissions

  1. This is another great topic! I will try to make a submission for this. Emphasis on try. I have a lot of thoughts, but alas they are a jumble inside my head. Let’s see if I can disentangle them by the end of the month.

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